One way or the other, if you don’t know, Does it matter?

A Lighthouse of One’s Own is a exploration of the differences of action and inaction, of door one and door two, of heads and tails. In a strange world where the butterfly effect is a constant threat and and sometimes, you can go back. Set among the morals of 1920’s America, with technology not yet seen, strange and wondrous, and occasionally somehow familiar.

Ripples are not outward movements, but up and down movements. The outward motion is created as motion is transferred to molecules not exactly aligned. A ripple does not simple move outward, but up and down, affecting not only what we can see, but what we cannot. When the thrown stone finally does come to a rest upon the river bed, the ripples continue, and the flow of the river is changed, perhaps imperceptibly, perhaps not, forever onward.

A Lighthouse of One's Own, or, The Difference of Heads and Tails

GreenGary23 Lighthouse