Do you fight Death tooth and Nail? Or do you welcome it as an old Friend? Regardless, Death happens.

In the event of Character Death, you have a choice, (As always)

You may succumb. (New Character)


You can challenge Death. (A few Scenes of RP)
Successfully challenging Death means You come back. Sort of. You retain all the previous Knowledge and Memories of your Character, but you will be slightly different, with only instinctual knowledge of anything new. You will likely not know exactly what is different until the difference comes out in play.

Unsuccessfully challenging Death means you come back (Death Appreciate Gall), but retain no memories, no knowledge of yourself. And this begs the question, Stripped to our bones and rebuilt, Can we truly say we remain?

In Rare circumstances, Circumstances that arise entirely through roleplay, and therefore will not even be exampled here, One of the living may indeed Challenge Death on behalf of one of the Dead. This will be a very interesting Choice to make in desperate circumstances.